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Manual Handling Course

Special Needs Manual Handling Courses


This one-day course is an introduction to Special Needs Manual Handling aimed towards staff working with children and young people in educational settings aged 2-19, and Link and Foster Carers. The course includes


  • Introduction to Manual Handling

  • Legislation and Policies 

  • Risk Assessment

  • Disability Awareness

  • Spinal Awareness

  • Injury Complex,

  • Key Principles of Safer Manual Handling Posture

  • Controversial and Permitted Holds and Supports

  • Practical session.


The practical session can be generic or bespoke to the specific needs required by you. For example, hoist and sling techniques, methods of holding/supporting in the techniques of handling small or larger children, adolescents and young adults with physical Special Needs and the uses and understanding of basic manual handling equipment i.e handling belts, sliding sheets, transfer boards, turntables etc.



To equip staff with an understanding of why we approach manual handling of people in the way we do both legally and as a Carer. To give staff the knowledge and confidence to deal with each manual handling situation and meet the individual needs of the youngster as they present safely, comfortably, empathetically and modestly. For some youngsters manual handling assistance during their educational day is crucial to their comfort, learning, nutritional input, socializing and having fun, their overall well-being.



Equipment can be incorporated in the training that you have within your setting, for example hoist and sling use, Manga cushions, Plinths, Pool equipment etc.


A Certificate of Attendance is issued to each course delegate on successful completion of both the theory and practical sessions of the course.

1 Day Introduction to Special Needs Manual Handling Course

Number of people per course: 1 – 8  

Price on application*

*Min. course charges plus mileage apply.

Refresh course

Special Needs Manual Handling Refresher Courses


This 2.5 hour Refresher Course is aimed towards people who have attended a full course previously within the last 18 months and are required to maintain their certification. This will update all attendeeswith current best practice on load management. The course will include an overview on the theory supporting Load Management of people and a practical session.


A Certificate of Attendance will be issued to each delegate on successful completeion of the course.

"Excellent trainer, approachable, friendly and great sense of humour"


TA, East Bergholt

September 2016

2.5 Hour Refresher Course

Number of people per course: 1 – 8  

Price on application*

*Min. course charges plus mileage apply.


In-house Visits


This is a personal visit to staff who have already received Manual Handling Training. If this training has not previously been delivered by me, I will require evidence of training (for example an appropriately signed certificate). Staff involved with the visit will need to have a basic knowledge and understanding of legislation and polices supporting load management, spinal awareness, key principles of safer manual handling posture and a knowledge of holds and supports. On a visit I can go through specific manoeuvres with staff and the child/young person, and assess and advise on particular tasks. I may need to liaise with the child's/young person's Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist or both.


A Written Summary will be sent to the school within two weeks of a visit. A copy may also have to be sent to the child's Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapists, or both.



To give key staff further confidence and reassurance that they are approaching and carrying out any manual handling tasks in the most suitable, correct manner for the child's/young person's needs. Giving staff the opportunity of enabling the child/young person to reach their full potential physically, and reducing the risk to the lowest level that is reasonably practicable.

Single In-house Visit (up to 2 hours)

Price on application*

*Min. charges plus mileage apply.

Risk Assess

Risk Assessments


This includes advice, assistance and/or completion of a necessary Risk Assessment for moving and handling. This will be in line with legislation and policies on Load Management and best practice.


Note: If a new Risk Assessment is required from us, an in-house visit (see in-house visits for prices) is also required to assess the youngster/s requirements with the key members of staff involved in their daily routine.


Please inform parents or guardians, as their permission is required. Parents and guardians are welcome to attend the Risk Assessment.



For the setting to have a completed appropriate individual Risk Assessment, and Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP), the importance of a continuing communication and liaising between parents, guardians, young person, key workers, therapists and management.

Risk Assessment Report

Price on application*

*Min. charges plus mileage apply.

Back course

Basic Back Care

Awareness Course


This two hour course is aimed at staff that work in Early Year Settings (EYS) where there can be many aspects of every day manual handling involved in their work.


EYS often involve staff working at a low level, whether this is assisting with play and learning, eating and drinking, intimate care, doing general housekeeping duties or moving equipment about and much more during their every work day. The course will equip staff with an understanding how musculoskeletal injuries occur and their cumulative effects and how they can help themselvesto prevent them. The course will also focus on the function of the spine, weight guidelines and how legislation supports load management. There will be a short practical exercise at the end of the course.


A Certificate of Attendance will be issued to each delegate on completion of the course.

2 Hour Basic Back Care Awareness Course

Number of people on course: 1 – 10  

Price on application*

*Min. charges plus mileage apply.

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